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About Skygd
Skygd was founded in 2007 in order to develop and market a mobile security service intended for people worried about the risk of being the victims of unprovoked violence. Using this solution (patent pending), Skygd can offer leading-edge, valuable position-based security services on your mobile telephone, as the most innovative company in mobile security.
The Skygd security service is designed to be used to prepare for and prevent trouble when nothing has yet happened, but you have good reason to be concerned. For example, at night-time, or in exposed areas.
If you raise the alarm, photographs/videos are sent, together with a voice recording and your position to your preselected ICE – who can then follow your movements on a map. At the same time, a telephone call is set up between your telephone and your ICE – without the telephone ringing. If you are in a real emergency situation, your ICE can call 112 and give them all the necessary information for fast assistance.
Skygd offers new and unique functionality (patent pending), and functions that were previously only available to professional users with extremely high requirements for functions and reliability. Skygd works with ordinary mobile telephones. Information about which telephones already work with the Skygd security service is available elsewhere on this website.
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